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Akira Ifukube - Great Monster War March (M23)
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The legendary “Great Monster War March”, from Akira Ifukube’s soundtrack to Invasion of Astro-Monster.

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So I have more answers to do …

The rules are– 
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1. Pick a song with a lot of meaning to you and explain why it’s meaningful.

"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd, The Wall.

The song reminds me of my dad, he passed away recently …

The song just makes me think about what it’s like to just sort of die slowly and heavily medicated. It’s a beautiful song, it’s just about a painful subject for me. I cry when I listen to it … sometimes …

2. What’s your favourite article of clothing?

Power Rangers Hoodie. Rapture Shirt. Fancy TRON shoes I can’t wear because they are too goddamn small.

3. Glasses or contacts?

Glasses. I can’t put contacts in for shit. I spend like an hour on each eye.

4. What sports did you try out as a kid but never pursue?

Everything. Literally everything aside from deadly contact sports and basketball. Sucked at all. (I’m an okay swimmer).

5. What’s something you have a raw talent for?

My friends were really nice recently and told me that as a GM, I’m a good storyteller. I’m certain some skill is obviously involved but I’m flattered enough to say it could be raw.

6. What’s your favourite season?

Summer. It’s annoyingly humid now, but I actually like the heat.

7. Least favourite/most favourite chore?

Favorite … chore? Is this question a joke?

8. Where would you retire to?


I would crawl out of my obnoxiously suburbanite home to go play at tabletop game stores and over-decorate my house for Halloween.

9. Tell the story of a picture, include the picture if you can.


This is Jim Henson. He has made Joel’s dad very sad.

10. What’s your favourite view?

Um … Philosophical view? Literal meatspace eyeball view? Zuh?

11. Tell the story of a stranger who’s still stuck in your head.

Being driven around all over today, I saw a rather intimidating man in a black trench coat staring into a 99 cents store and not moving at all …  for a really long time. Weird.

1. What’s the most memorable dish you’ve had?

There’s this Indian restaurant in Pasadena that makes this awesome chicken. The spices are so potent the chicken is blood red when it’s cooked.

Good stuff.

2. What do you love most about where you live?

My house is called a “Haunted Mansion” by passersby.

3. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

table-top roleplaying. Video games. Maybe drawing or coloring something.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Burbank. Somewhere in Burbank. 

5. Describe someone you really like (romantically or platonically).

Stop making me talk about her. Stop. Like it’s not awkward enough. STAHP.

6. What’s your favorite book?

Already talked about “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”.

7. What do you think about a lot?

Ideas, what to draw, where my campaigns are going, working on my miniatures, how to set up payment method for commissions, transportation, homework … that girl from question 5.

8. Is there anything you regret not pursuing as a child?

On one hand, I technically was pursuing something I liked doing and on the other hand I eventually grew to hate it.

9. Is there anything you wish you hadn’t pursued?

The film director thing went nowhere. I feel like I have more control trying to draw and paint my ideas anyway.

10. What do you love most about yourself?

I can draw … if you expected something physical, you’re asking the wrong guy.

… my hands are nice … that’s all I got.

1. A video game you like a lot?

Aside from the ones I never stop reblogging about? I actually really like “Jade Empire” so far. “Knock Knock” is cool. “Primordia”, “The Banner Saga” “Secret Ponchos” etc.

2. A song that makes you dance? 


3. When I say “nerdlord” who do you think of first? 

Some sort of omnipotent being who yells at people.

4. If you were to chose one thing in your room to destroy (lets say it’d get replaced or something) what would it be? 

All my old shit. All of it. It should be replaced with shelves. SHELVES.

5. What were you last halloween? 

Post-Apocalyptic warrior. I was sick on the actual day though.

6. talk about someone. Anyone. 


7. What time is it? 

11:01. Why?

… what?

8. Ever eaten wasabi? If so what was it like?

Painful, didn’t care for it.

9. Do you have any plans for tomorrow? 

Last day of sculpting class. Homework. Cry.

10. Favorite pokemon? 


11. Dogs?



1. Something that you argue about with your friends?

2. Piece of media that’s integral to who you are? If it didn’t exist, would you act differently?

3. What kind of monster would you be?

4. Weird preference you have?

5. Favorite decade for music?

6. What’s nostalgic for you?

7. Something that scares you?

8. Meaning behind your URL?

9. Most interesting dream?

10. Least interesting dream?

11. “Bird … or Cage?”

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Please don’t confuse people that fangirl fictional serial killers with ones that fangirl real ones. Thanks

fictional should get a free pass, because most of the time it’s about character development and being an antagonist anyway.


character design for fun (old and new).


character design for fun (old and new).


Thank you SSB4 and Megaman!


Thank you SSB4 and Megaman!


Metroid graffiti


Metroid graffiti


Frazetta preliminary art for the cover of Vampirella #11, 1971


Frazetta preliminary art for the cover of Vampirella #11, 1971



20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by John Berkey


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by John Berkey